Just as the name suggests, our system is all about data and light. Light signals transmit data.

In residential construction and purpose-built structures, we together with our partners opt for data transmission using a standardised optical fibre system. When transmitting data, the system refers to the international IEEE P802.3bv Gigabit Ethernet Over Plastic Optical Fibre standard. In-house data traffic as well as triple play applications are thus forwarded to the next generation of networking.
All components with the DATALIGHT logo guarantee impeccable compatibility.

Products with the DATALIGHT logo stand for:

  • absolute compatibility
  • reliable data transfer rate
  • data transmission according to the standardised transmission protocol
  • high quality standard
  • durability

Data transmission using Polymer Optical Fibre (POF) technology is nothing new. The automotive industry has opted for these fibres for its communication systems for years.

Cooperation partners


Broadband applications

Broadband roll-out is picking up speed worldwide: By 2018, at least 50 Mbps are supposed to be available all over Germany. This connection speed must be distributed in a building via a future-proof infrastructure to provide all the benefits of fast internet.

Triple play

Triple play combines TV, internet and (IP) telephony. FFKuS DATALIGHT offers the possibility of transmitting these data.

Home Cloud

A Home Cloud is a personal and secure data storage in your house. A home network makes photos, films and music available on all gadgets or even accessible on the go over the internet.


Clever alternative for home network

The DATALIGHT system is a clever alternative for network cabling in a newly-built semi-detached house north of the city of Freiburg.
While the decision regarding the issue of network cabling was pending, owner-builders were looking for an alternative to a conventional data and power supply option that could also cut the costs of electrical installation.

The technical designer has done some research and eventually found what he was looking for in the future-proof DATALIGHT system by FRÄNKISCHE. The FFKuS DATALIGHT all-in-one conduit makes it possible to furnish each and every room not only with power lines, but also with telephone, TV, network and the internet. That is how DATALIGHT paves the way for FITH (Fiber In The
Home) – without extension cords and cable tangle.

Another advantage is the flexibility of the system: Since one or several optical fibres have already been pre-installed in each room, the infrastructure can be adjusted to individual needs at any time. For instance, the wireless access point on the upper floor has been retrofitted, and an additional network connection for the IP-ready TV in the living room has been installed later.

Now that the rooms have been fully equipped with FFKuS DATALIGHT, the residents enjoy boundless flexibility for all multi-media applications also in the future. This is a sustainable investment in the value of the property.

System components


FFKuS DATALIGHT electrical conduit combines energy supply and data transmission.

Data sheet (PDF)

Duplex Fibre DATALIGHT®

DATALIGHT® Duplex Fibre 2,2 
The double-stranded fibre transmits data per light signal of 1 Gbps.

Data sheet (PDF)

LAN Accesspoint DATALIGHT®

DATALIGHT® LAN Access Point 1000 
The LAN access point 1000 offers wired network access for up to two terminal devices for transmission of up to 1 Gbps.

Data sheet (PDF)


DATALIGHT® Wifi Access Point 100 
The wireless access point 100 DATALIGHT offers wireless network access for mobile terminal devices as well as a wired connection.

Data sheet (PDF)

DATALIGHT® Switch 1000
The Switch provides 12 ports for optical fibres to create a link to other DATALIGHT devices like Access Points, Media Converters or more Switches in the network.

Data sheet (PDF)

Easy Switch DATALIGHT®

DATALIGHT® Easy Switch 1000
The easy switch 6+2-port 1000 ensures that all Gbps access points have a data rate of 1 Gbps.

Data sheet (PDF)

DATALIGHT® Converter 1000

Media converter for connecting wired terminal devices.

Data sheet (PDF)


DATALIGHT® Connector
The connector 2.2 is used as a simple plug connector for the Duplex Fibre 2.2 DATALIGHT.

Data sheet (PDF)


The cutter is a separating tool for cutting data cables. It provides straight and smooth cuts.

Data sheet (PDF)

DATALIGHT® Power Meter
The DATALIGHT power meter is used for attenuation measurement of polymer optical fibres (POF).

Data sheet (PDF)

Connection cable with SMI Plug to connect DATALIGHT devices to a SMI Keystone Coupler.

Data sheet (PDF)

The Loop is coupling the light from one core of the douplex fibre into the other core.

Data sheet (PDF)

DATALIGHT® SMI Keystone Coupler
Passive, optical connection for all standard installation boxes.

Data sheet (PDF)