Quick installation without extra effort and expense

Entirely new possibilities thanks to home networking via optical fibres!

Optical fibre lines forward the data exactly to the spots where they are actually required. In each room – to each terminal device.

The perfect connection – small and flexible

On each route 1 Gbit / s user data rate

Fast installation – Plug and Play

DATALIGHT is an ideal solution for electrical installations and data network

A future-oriented infrastructure for the data network in residential construction can be easily implemented by means of active and passive connections.

With the active components, you can establish a basis installation covering all current requirements of your customer. Passive outlets are a perfect complement in order to make the home network ready for any potential future adjustments. With this combination, you offer your customers a flexible and future-proof home network for their individual use.

Our recommendation:

Ideally, data lines are each installed in one socket combination per wall. Active concealed components, e.g., a LAN access point or wireless access point, can be integrated directly in the switch combination. These are particularly suited for large devices whose location in the room is clearly defined.

Passive outlets with SMI plug-in connection allow flexible adjustments of the home network. Passive outlets allow the customer to access the data rates at several spots in the room whenever necessary, and at the same time to remain flexible about where to install additional devices such as a TV or a sound system in the future.

DATALIGHT – the clever alternative for the home network. Go to Reference report.

Installation examples



The best performance of the wireless signal is achieved if there are no obstacles between the transmitter and the receiver.



The LAN access point 100 offers wired network access for up to two terminal devices for transmission of up to 100 Mbps.



The LAN access point 1000 offers wired network access for up to two terminal devices for transmission of up to 1 Gbps.


Clip the SMI Keystone Coupler without dust protection caps into the support ring, insert the prepared fibre end completely into the open connection, and lock in place.

Retrofitting a network

Image 1: Connect the DATALIGHT media converter to the router using a patch cable and connect the included power cable to a socket outlet.

Image 2: The POF cable from the media converter can be pulled to the terminal device through existing electrical conduits. If necessary, the cable can also be routed to its desired destination in baseboards, under the floor or in corners.

Image 3: At the destination, plug the POF cable into another media converter. You can establish the required power connection directly at the terminal device using the included USB plug. Finally, connect the terminal device with the media converter using a patch cable. Done!

Business network: hotels, offices, shops

The DATALIGHT system with the Switch 12+4-port 1000 DATALIGHT offers the matching solution also for large networks as can be found in hotels, offices or in commercial buildings in general. Other than the switch for the traditional home network which features 6 optical connections, this smart switch boasts, among others, 12 optical connections.

Are you convinced?

Are you convinced by DATALIGHT and planning the first use? To purchase our system, please contact your electrical wholesaler and ask for DATALIGHT by FRÄNKISCHE.

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