Future-proof network

The easy and flexible network system

Broadband installation in buildings

Smart Home concepts, Smart TV, music streaming …

All in One

The electrical conduit with integrated data cable

DATALIGHT® – Optical network system

Unsteady images in streaming films? Slow websites? There is no place for all that in the house of the future – the internet must run smooth, data must be available at all times. Be it new construction or retrofitting, the DATALIGHT system by FRÄNKISCHE makes your home fit for cutting-edge communication and media technology. The complete system provides the infrastructure for a reliable power supply as well as a high-performance data network.

DATALIGHT® – Data and Light

Just as the name suggests, our system is all about data and light. Light signals transmit data …

Broadband applications

Broadband roll-out is picking up speed worldwide: By 2018, at least 50 Mbps are supposed to be available all over Germany…

DATALIGHT® system components

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The most cutting-edge installation system ever opens up possibilities of networking and cabling in one …